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8 Things You MUST Do at TITLIS

8 Things You MUST Do at TITLIS [Summer Edition]

Aug 23, 2022
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Are you a leisure traveller or a thrill seeker? Doesn’t matter, TITLIS has got all your needs covered!From mountain biking to rowing and everything in between, TITLIS offers a great range of summer activities for all age groups. SWISStours' travel consultants have curated a list of summer activities you must do if you are visiting TITLIS.

1. Hiking

For the average walker or a professional hiker, TITLIS has seven beautiful trails that take you through unreal landscapes that you can only dream of. From trails as short as an hour to as long as 16 hours, you can take your pick and come back wanting more.

The Engelberg-Untertrübsee-Trübsee

The trail takes you via Stapfmatti to Untertrübsee, starting from Engelberg. Many feel the trail ends too soon and prefer to continue on the route to Obertrübsee on foot. Leisure buffs can simply hop on the Älplerseil cable car. Once at Obertrübsee, you can follow the Trübsee alpine flower trail to Trübsee middle station and check out their fun and thrilling activities.

Walking time 3 hours
Height 1,000–1,796 metres
Level Moderate
Accessible June to October

Waterfall Loop

A circular walk called the Waterfall Loop starts at the Trübsee play area and takes you to the Stäubi waterfall, where the cold water from the Steinberg glacier pours down the mountain. You may sit down and take in the beautiful views of Trübsee at the peak and the waterfall.

On warmer days, a stroll by the cool, invigorating glacier water is extremely delightful. You will find lovely, protected alpine flora above the waterfall.

Walking time 1 hour
Height 1,769 – 1,916 metres
Level Moderate
Accessible July to October

Trübsee Circular Trail

This trail is for individuals and families who prefer a more leisurely flat stroll or for those with pushchairs, the path around Trübsee Lake is a lovely walk. There are four firepits along the route where you may stop for a snack and enjoy the great outdoors - don't forget to carry some sausages.

Walking time 1 hour
Height 1,769 metres
Level Easy
Accessible All Seasons

The "Murmeliwanderung" or Marmot path

This path is also known as the Trübsee-Jochpasslift-Jochpass-Schaftal-Tannalp-Engstlenalp-Jochpass-Jochpasslift-Trübsee route. There are adorable tiny rodents that are easy to spot if you bring a pair of binoculars. If you're really fortunate, you could even see an ibex or chamois in the area.

The trailhead is the mountain station at Trübsee. Stick to the lakeside route and then take the chairlift up to Jochpass. Continue on in Schaftal's direction from here.

On the journey to Engstlenalp, the breathtaking alpine panorama that surrounds the deep-blue Engstlensee lake is likely to captivate your attention.

Walking time 5 hours
Height 1,769 – 2,222 metres
Level Easy
Accessible June to October

4 Lakes Hike

The Engleberg-Trübsee-Jochpass-Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Melchsee-Frutt hike, popularly known as the 4 Lakes Hike, will introduce you to one of Central Switzerland's most stunning regions. To get to the Jochpass chair lift, take the cable car to Trübsee and then stroll along the lake.

After reaching the summit, the route continues to Melchsee-Frutt through Engstlenalp and Tannalp. Drop off at Stöckalp using the cable car, then board the Postbus to Sarnen. You can return to Engelberg via train from here.

Walking time 4 hours(Trübsee to Melchsee-Frutt)
Height 1,769 – 1,920 metres
Level Moderate
Accessible June to October

Geology Trail

You may discover a great deal about the geology of the Alps on the Geology Trail from Trübsee to Stand. The steep panoramic walk from Trübsee mountain station to Stand gives breathtaking views down into a fascinating glacial world, while information boards offer insight into the geological development of the TITLIS region. With its breathtaking views, this walk is simply stunning.

Walking time 2 hours
Height 1,769 – 2,430 metres
Level Moderate
Accessible June to September

Alpine Cheese Trail

Around Engelberg, the Alpine Cheese Trail links eight Alpine dairies. These dairy farms may well be found in Langenboden, Untertrübsee, Gerschnialp, Stäfeli, Blackenalp, Steinäbnet, and Surenen.

There are numerous Alpine dairy farms in the TITLIS, Fürenalp, and Brunni regions. This cheesy hike can even be completed in parts.

Walking time 16 hours (complete route)
Height 1,050 – 1,853 metres
Level Moderate
Accessible July to September

2. Trübsee Adventure

Did you ever want to experience how it felt like to do your own stunts? The Trübsee Adventure will make your wishes come true!

The adventure consists of four activities – The BagJumo Tower, Trampoline2Bag, Slackline and Bouncy Castle. Guess what? They are all free of charge with guides present all the time.

These activities are usually open from 10AM to 5PM in fine weather in the months of July, August & September. Here is some more information of the activities:

BagJump Tower

Jump three, four, or six metres onto the airbag below by taking a leap of faith from the BagJump Tower. At Trübsee middle station, you may experience the new "BagJump" mania first-hand. Just a little courage will do. You can count on the TITLIS Adventure Park guides to assist you with your initial jumps.

Jump Height 3,4 & 6 metres (airbag 1.5m high)
Minimum Age 6 years (3m), 8 years (4m) & 14 years(6m)
Note: You can also book the BagJump for an event. It can be booked out of working hours as well at a fixed price of CHF 400 /hour.


The BagJump Tower and the Trampoline to Bag activities are next to each other. You can leap directly onto the airbag from the bouncing trampoline.

Jump Height Depends on the level of experience
Minimum Age 6 years


On the slackline at the Trübsee Alpine Lodge terrace, work on your coordination, balance, and focus. There are crash mats underneath the slackline, which is 50 cm above the ground, to protect you in case you lose your balance.

Length 6 metres
Minimum Age N.A.

Bouncy Castle

Your small ones may climb, slide, and leap their way to exhaustion on the trampoline and bouncy castle. By the terrace in front of Lago Torbido is where you'll find the distinctive Rotair bouncy castle. On the terrace of Trübsee Alpine Lodge, children can also jump around on the trampoline with a net and Alpine hut bounce house.

3. Trübsee Flyer Zipline

Twenty metres above Trübsee Alpine Lodge, the zipline begins. It ends 40 metres farther down, just close to the lakeside playground.

You will soar 500 metres down the zipline from Trübsee Alpine Lodge to the lake while being secured to a safe steel rope. It is possible to fly next to two passengers.

Cost CHF 12 (Adullt/Child)
Tickets Can be purchased at the start
Minimum Age 8 years
Minimum Weight/Height 30kg/ 1.20m
Maximum Weight/Height 125kg/ 2.10m
Accessible July to October
Timings Weekdays: 1PM to 4:30PM
Weekends: 10AM to 11:30AM & 1PM to 4:30PM

4. Mountain Biking

TITLIS has it all, from a downhill free-wheel or a sporty thrill on a singletrack.

Around Trübsee, there are a lot of leisurely trails that are suitable for families. You can ride your bike up to the top in comfort with TITLIS Cableways.

Engelberg-Untertrübsee- Trübsee Trail

When leaving the valley and heading to Trübsee middle station, this journey will take you over uneven terrain. You can take the Älplerseil lift to travel a portion of the route if you don't feel like going the entire way. Then, you can travel from Untertrübsee to Obertrübsee by cable car.

Distance 13km
Altitude Difference 830m
Level Challenging (for seasoned bikers only)
Accessible June to October

Trudy Trail

The Jochpass-Trübsee mountain bike route connects Jochpass with Trübsee station below. It is commonly known as the "Trudy trail" in honour of the hut warden at Jochpass.

There are a lot of challenging sections, sharp twists, and hurdles along the path, but no difficult steps or leaps. For those who enjoy downhill riding, this route is ideal.

Distance 1km
Altitude Difference 210m
Level Challenging (for seasoned bikers only)
Accessible July to October

Jochopass Trail

The new Jochpass trail, which runs from Jochpass to Trübsee, was created as a recreational route for both inexperienced and seasoned bikers alike. Different speeds can be used to navigate the hurdles and bends.

Distance 4.5km
Altitude Difference 440m
Level Moderate (prior mountain biking experience required)
Accessible July to October

Hells Bells Trail

The Jochpass-Engstlen bike path is about a metre wide and not too difficult to ride. There are some difficult biking obstacles to go past along the way, though.

Distance 2km
Altitude Difference 285m
Level Moderate (prior mountain biking experience required)
Accessible July to October

4 Lakes Trail

The Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Engstlenalp-Melchsee-Frutt trail will take you through one of Central Switzerland's most picturesque regions.

Travel to Trübsee via TITLIS Cableways. Ride your bike the short distance to the chairlift and ascend to Jochpass. When you reach the summit, go back on your bike and ride to Melchsee-Frutt via Engstlenalp and Tannalp.

After that, it's all downhill until you reach Sarnen, where you can get a train to return to Engelberg.

Distance 32km
Altitude Difference 920m
Level Challenging (for seasoned bikers only)
Accessible July to October
Note: Services like a bike washing station, bike pump track, tube dispenser, and tool and compressed air station are available for Mountain bikers.

5. Scooter Bike

There is no need to pedal. You only need to steer and brake. The 3.5-kilometer track descends to TITLIS valley station after winding through the forest. Scooters are available for rent at the Untertrübsee restaurant at the Gerschnialp midway station.

Distance 3.5km
Altitude Difference 260m
Level Easy to Moderate
Minimum Age 10 years
Minimum Height 130cm
Maximum Load per Scooter 120kg
Accessible May to October, 9AM to 5PM (only in favourable weather)
Pro Tip: Book in advance if there are 10 or more people

6. Graustock Via Ferrata

Steep pathways give way to difficult climbing passages. You may expect breath-taking vistas looking down Graustock's 700-meter-high north face and into the Engelberg valley below.

At 2,662 metres, the Graustock summit cross offers amazing panoramas of the TITLIS, Spannort, Rigi, and Pilatus. You may even see right into the Bernese Alps on a clear day.

Visitors who want to attempt this high-alpine challenge should have the necessary mountaineering equipment. White-blue-white markers direct the way.

Start by travelling from Engelberg to Trübsee middle station on the TITLIS cable car. You may reach the Jochpass chairlift by strolling along Trübsee Lake.

From there, you may proceed to Jochpass and the start to the via ferrata.

Altitude Difference 460m
Difficulty K3, at times K4 to K5
Ascent 3 hours
Descent 1.5 hours
Via Ferrata Kit Hire Can be hired from Titlis Rent at the valley station or Berghaus Jochpass
Accessible June to October (only in favourable weather)

7. Rowing

Invite your friends along for a lake cruise. At Trübsee, six rowing boats are available for rent, enough for four people on each boat. This sport is great for both fervent rowers and people who prefer a slower pace of life.

You can use the boats for free, however visitors usually offer a small gift of CHF 10 per hour to help with the maintenance. Just drop your donation off in the container on the jetty.

Accessible June to October (if rain permits)

8. Kayaking

Take in the grandeur of Trübsee lake while kayaking.

There is no prior experience required for kayaking at the lake.After the activity, you can unwind by the lake and take in the pristine surroundings.

Duration 1.5 hours
Timeframe July & August
Meeting Point Trübsee boat house
Includes Guide, Kayak, Paddles & Life Jackets
Excludes Engelberg-Trübsee return lift pass
Equipment Sportswear, warm jacket, change of clothes and a towel


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