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Experience mount Titlis with swiss travel pass

Mount Titlis

  • Engelberg, Switzerland
Currently, Mount Titlis is Unavailable.
USD 51
(Starting price per person)
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Book Mount Titlis
Fare Type CHF USD No. of PAX Amount (USD)
With Swiss Pass with ice flyer 60.00 58.00 64.00
Child between 0-15.99 yrs with ice flyer (With Family Card) 0.00 0.00 0.00
With Eurail Pass with ice flyer 0.00 84.00 92.00
Child under 06 yrs with ice flyer (With Eurail Pass) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs with ice flyer (With Eurail Pass) 0.00 42.00 46.00
Full fare with ice flyer 108.00 98.00 108.00
Child under 06 yrs with ice flyer (With Full Fare) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs with ice flyer (With Full Fare) 0.00 54.00 59.00
With Swiss Pass without ice flyer 48.00 46.00 51.00
Child between 0-15.99 yrs without ice flyer (With Family Card) 0.00 0.00 0.00
With Eurail Pass without ice flyer 0.00 72.00 79.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs without ice flyer (With Eurail Pass) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child under 06 yrs without ice flyer (With Eurail Pass) 0.00 36.00 40.00
Full fare without ice flyer 96.00 86.00 95.00
Child under 06 yrs without ice flyer (With Full Fare) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs without ice flyer (With Full Fare) 0.00 48.00 53.00
Grand Total 0.00

About Book Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis – one of most visited experiential mountains in Switzerland – offers a plethora of exciting activities and adventures for all ages, and of course, amazing sights of the snow-capped mountain peaks, deep crevasses, and immaculate white, expansive snowfields.

Embark on your memorable journey at Mount Titlis, where you experience breathtaking views of Alps as you ascend in Titlis ROTAIR – the world’s first revolving cable car. Walk on the Titlis Cliff Walk – Europe’s highest suspension bridge, or get even closer to the mountains carpeted in snow in the Ice Flyer chair lift. Stroll in the Glacier Cave – home to painstakingly crafted ice sculptors, or satiate your adrenaline-rush appetite by stepping in the Glacier Park.

Things to do at Mount Titlis

Things to do at Mount Titlis ranges from calming sightseeing views to kicking off the snow adventures. Below are the recommended and most popular things to do at Mt. Titlis:

Mount Titlis ROTAIR – The world’s first revolving cable car

Mount Titlis ROTAIR cable car revolves as it ascends from the middle station at Stand up till the summit station at 3020 meters above sea level. Mt. Titlis ROTAIR is the world’s first revolving cable car that revolves 360-degrees during the five-minute journey, indulging you in captivating views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses, and pristine snow-covered mountains.

The Mt. Titlis ROTAIR is among the three revolving gondolas in the world.

Glacier Cave

Nestled ten meters below the surface of the glacier at Titlis station, Glacier Cave is a 150-meter-long walking path of ice in cave-like structure. Right from the walkway to the overarching ceiling and even the sculptures are all of ice – as old as is 5,000 years.

The mystical cave is covered in a soothing blue mood light, and temperature always remains at a chilly -1.5-degrees Celcius, the atmosphere inside is so cold that a wave of clouds appear when you breathe.

The highlight of the Glacier Cave is the meticulously crafted ice sculptures, inspiring awe at 3020 m above sea level.

Titlis Cliff Walk – Europe’s highest suspension bridge

Built along the cliff of Mount Titlis and recognized as Europe’s highest suspension bridge, Titlis Cliff Walk is a high-adrenaline kind-of-new adventure at 10,000 feet above sea level. Even though Titlis Cliff Walk is a simple pedestrian bridge, overwhelming feeling of walking on the suspension while being mesmerized by panoramic views of Alps is an unrivaled experience in itself. On a clear day, you can also glance at the Uri Alps and steal a peek at Italy.

Although media reports its as one of scariest bridges in the world, it is 100 percent safe and practically impossible to fall off the bridge.

Earlier to Titlis Cliff Walk, Salbit Bridge was Europe’s highest suspension bridge, also in Switzerland.

Ice Flyer chair lift

Notch up your experience at Titlis when you feel flying-like moment in the Ice Flyer chair lift. Smoothly and safely, the Ice Flyer ascends over crisp, pristine snowfields and icy depths, where a few crevasses are as deep as twenty meters – a glacier experience you can have only at Titlis.

Ice Flyer chair lift is safe and secure for everyone, even kids. The feeling is surreal when chilly, snowy air hit your face while you journey your way up to activities and park area.

Titlis Glacier Park

You need not to be a seasoned skier to experience the exhilarating adventure of descending at a speed down the piste in snow. The Titlis Glacier Park offers a variety of exciting snow activities for people of all ages.

Snowtubbing is the most sort-after activity, the ultimate alternative sledding experience, that lets you skim the snow as you slide down the piste on a rubber tyre. You are bound to spin a few full cirlces before ending the ride. And there is no need to worry about safety or drifting off-track as the specially designed run always keeps you on track.

Mount Titlis with Swiss Travel Pass or Eurail Pass

Mount Titlis can be purchased at a discounted price if you are a Swiss Travel Pass or a Eurail Pass holder. From our website,, choose to add a Swiss Travel Pass for yourself and family or friends, and then add Mt. Titlis under the fare type ‘with Swiss Travel Pass’.

Mount Titlis discount is valid on all types of Swiss Travel Passes, i.e. first-class or second-class 3, 4, 8, and 15 days consecutive or Flexi pass. If you have added children under the family card in Swiss Travel Pass, similarly, you can add children (0-16 years) for free while selecting Mt. Titlis.

A Swiss Travel Pass is travellers most essential thing-to-have when visiting Switzerland. The Switzerland rail pass enables unlimited travel by train, bus, boat and tram across Switzerland and is also loaded with free access to 500+ museum and benefit from Swiss Travel Pass discount on Switzerland’s most loved mountains like Titlis.

A day trip to Mt. Titlis is possible from either Lucerne or Zurich. From Lucerne reaching Mt. Titlis takes around 45 mins, and from Zurich, it may take over 1 hr 30 mins.

If you are holding a Swiss Travel Pass, not only can you benefit from discounted fares, but also your children tickets to Mt. Titlis are free – just like a family card, it’s included in your Swiss Pass cost.

Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, family, or kids, Mount Titlis in Switzerland is among the few unmissable experiences in Switzerland, and undoubtedly, also among the most loved mountains in Switzerland.


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