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Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First

  • Grindelwald, Switzerland
Currently, Grindelwald First is Unavailable.
USD 55
(Starting price per person)
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Book Grindelwald First
Fare Type CHF USD No. of PAX Amount (USD)
With Swiss Pass (any 1 activity) 0.00 50.00 55.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs (any 1 activity) 0.00 43.00 47.00
With Swiss Pass (any 2 activities) 0.00 67.00 74.00
Child between 06-15.99 yrs (any 2 activities) 0.00 57.00 63.00
Full Fare (any 1 activity) 0.00 74.00 81.00
Full Fare Child between 06-15.99 yrs (any 1 activity) 0.00 43.00 47.00
Full Fare (any 2 activities) 0.00 89.00 98.00
Full Fare Child between 06-15.99 yrs (any 2 activities) 0.00 57.00 63.00
Grand Total 0.00

About Book Grindelwald First

If you want to be at the Top of Adventure then Grindelwald First is the place you must go to. Being a part of the Jungfrau region and located at an altitude of 2166m, not only do you get magnificent views of the Eiger North Face, but also a definite adrenaline rush with the activities it offers. Like most mountains, you must go up to the peak by cable car, but unlike most mountains, you experience a completely different side of things on the way down.

Instead of coming down by cable car, you can come down in the most exciting ways as follows:

First Glider or First Flyer

From the peak to Schreckfeld

First Glider: Take flight with an eagle and glide down with it. Float through the most picturesque mountain landscape and enjoy the views en route this 800 metre journey at 83 kms/hr. You have to be a minimum of 10 years and 130 cm in height to fly on the Glider.

First Flyer: Feel the void of having nothing but open air surround you and fly down on this 800 metre long route perfectly secured into your harness. The First Flyer and its 4 passengers zip along the 800 metre route at a top speed of 84 kms/hr. For some extra fun, the Flyer also stops to hover at some points approximately 50 metres over the Alpine landscape. You need to be a minimum of 35 kgs in weight to be eligible for this ride.

Mountain Cart

Schreckfeld to Bort

Ride down this 3 km route in your very own mountain cart which is offers the best of a sled and a go-kart. Ramble down any terrain and at your own speed once you are settled in with your helmet (offered free). The mountain cart is also suitable for children 135 cm or more in height

Trottibike scooter

Bort to Grindelwlad

Relive childhood memories as you step on to the wide footboard of your trottibike scooter. Stand upright and roll downhill as fast or slow as you like. Make sure you spend a few moments to just stop and stare at the serene views or hear the cows moo in nearby meadows.

How to reach Grindelwald First

With the Bernese Oberland Railway, you can reach Grindelwald station. From there, in the First Railway, from the valley station in the upper village centre in three sections to Grindelwald First by cable car.

Travel time from Grindelwald: approximately 25 minutes.

Things to do at the Grindelwald First

Other than all the great adventure options mentioned above there is also the below listed things:


Walk on this terrace which rises 45 metres out into the void and take in the unimaginable views of the mountains and the valleys.


Discover the “blue jewel” in all its pristine glory. The lake can be reached on foot from the First in less than one hour. Spend some time gazing at this picture postcard perfect setting.


If travelling with little ones who are not comfortable with heights, you can spend some time at the playground. There are rockers shaped liked marmots and squirrels, a rope park specially designed for tiny tots and can help them improve their balance.


Walk along the 2 hour marmot trail from the First to Schilt. You will surely hear the warning calls of the marmots and with some luck and patience also get to view them as they poke their heads out of their burrows. Rest your tired feet at the end of the trail at one of the marmot benches in the barbeque area.

Grindelwald First with the Swiss Travel Pass

If you’re holding a Swiss Travel Pass, your cable car journey from Grindelwald to First would be at a 50% discounted price. Activities must be paid for individually over and above the cable car ticket and can be chosen from.

The Swiss Travel Pass discount is valid on all the types of Swiss Travel Pass, i.e. 1st or 2nd class for 3, 4, 8, or 15 days continuous or flexi pass.


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