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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

  • Zermatt, Switzerland
Currently, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is Unavailable.
USD 47
(Starting price per person)
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Fare Type CHF USD No. of PAX Amount (USD)
With Swiss Pass 45.00 43.00 47.00
Full fare 0.00 91.00 100.00
Child between 03-08 yrs(With Family Card) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 09-16 yrs(With Family Card) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 03-08 Yrs (Full Fare) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Child between 09-16 Yrs (Full Fare) 0.00 45.00 50.00
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About Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a world of adventures where you luxuriate to savor breathtaking views of mountains in Switzerland, Italy, and France. Along with being the highest cable car station in Europe at 3883 meters, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is also home to the highest mountain restaurant and the world’s highest glacier palace.

The 360-degree panorama-viewing platform – the highest viewing platform in the Swiss Alps – lets you view the 38 peaks over four thousand meteres and 14 glaciers in French, Italian, and Swiss Alps.

So, enjoy one of the finest and closest views of Matterhorn, spot Mont Blanc – Europe’s highest mountain – and then find the majestic Jungfrau, towering in its all might at a distant.

How to get to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Firstly, you will have to reach Zermatt, the car-free region in Switzerland. No matter where you are staying in Switzerland, use the SBB app, the most popular Swiss app for public transport, to check the routes and reach Zermatt via the impeccable Swiss transport system.

From the Zermatt rail station, you can either walk, a 20-minute walk, or take an electric bus to reach the gondola station.

Your trip begins at the gondola station. Remember, you have to change three gondolas to reach your final destination, i.e. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

First gondola takes you to Furi at 1640 meters. While ascending, you will get to see a bird’s eye view of the Zermatt village.

Second gondola takes you from Furi to Trockener Steg at 2939 meters. The second cable car ascends over a rough, rocky alpine landscape. If you are already tired, grab something to keep you going at the Trockener Steg restaurant.

Third and the last gondola takes you from Trockener Steg to Klein Matterhorn, famously known as Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. In this ride, you have an option to choose from various types of gondola rides. You can choose a regular gondola ride, an older cable car, or ramp up your experience by choosing the ‘Crystal ride’, which has a glass floor that becomes transparent in 3 minutes once the ride begins. Furthermore, you can even choose a VIP gondola, breakfast gondola, or a fondue gondola. The experiences are overwhelming.

The entire journey from Zermatt rail station to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise takes more than 45 minutes.

Things to do at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

There are five things to do at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: 360-degree viewing platform, Glacier Ice Palace, restaurant with panoramic windows, Peak Shop, and Cinema Lounge.

However, your experience begins from Trockener Steg, the second gondola station, by choosing the right gondola to reach Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

360-Degree Viewing Platform

The awe-inspiring landscape views of snow-cladded mountains and glaciers are captivating from the 360-degree panorama-viewing platform at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Recognized as the highest viewing platform in Europe, the 360-degree panorama makes it possible to glance 38 four thousand meters tall mountains and 14 glaciers spread across France, Italy, and Switzerland.

The north view captures the peaks of Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Glance over the rocky and mighty Breithorn in the west, while Mont Blanc – the highest peak in Europe – will leave you jaw-dropped in a glimpse from the east.

Lovers exhibit their affection at near 4000 m by attaching a lovelock to the railings of the viewing platform – a symbolic gesture of undying love even in the most adverse times.

Glacier Ice Palace at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Visit the world’s highest glacier palace at 3883 meters above sea level: The Glacier Palace nestled in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The ice palace is home to meticulously crafted ice sculptures and hundreds of years old ice formations, transporting you to a fascinating realm of ice.

Soft lighting effects and relaxing music elevates the calm ambience creating a soothing experience. While wandering the tunnels of ice, you may rest in the seating areas.

Panorama Restaurant at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

After travelling from Zermatt to all the up to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, you are ought to get a bit hungry – and what can be a better way to enjoy your meal with a mesmerizing view.

Situated at 3883 m, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise restaurant is the world’s highest mountain restaurant. The specialities at the restaurant ranges from international cuisines to even the local and Swiss preparations. While you are pampering your taste buds, you even bask in the majestic views of mountains and glaciers carpeted with snow through wide and tall panoramic windows.

Cinema Lounge

The Europe’s highest cinema house – the Cinema Lounge – is nestled in the Breithorn tunnel at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Short films, lasting a few minutes, covering subjects such as mountaineering, the local fauna and flora, the cable car history, and interesting pieces of information on ice and snow.

Relax in the cozy shell-seats to watch the film, while the calming light effects sets the right mood for a delightful experience. The admission is included in your Matterhorn Glacier Paradise tickets. You are sure to leave your seat with more wisdom and knowledge at the Cinema Lounge.

The Peak Shop

Shop for Swiss souvenir, at 3883m above sea level, in Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The shop is right next to the restaurant.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise with Swiss Travel Pass

Broadly, there are two types of tickets available to access Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. One is a full fare ticket, and another one is a discounted fare ticket with Swiss Travel Pass. A Swiss Travel Pass holder can purchase tickets at nearly half the rate. And to top it off, just like children travel free with a Swiss Pass holder, even at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, admission to children up to the age of 15 years are free only if the parent has a Swiss Travel Pass.

The discounted rates are valid on all the types of Swiss Travel Pass, i.e. 1st or 2nd class for 3, 4, 8, or 15 days pass.

You can choose any date between the validity of your Swiss Travel Pass to visit Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. For example, if you have bought an 8 days consecutive Swiss Pass starting from 1st January 2020, then the pass is valid till 8th January 2020. So, you choose any date between 1st and 8th January to visit Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.


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