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Jetboat Interlaken


  • Interlaken, Switzerland
Currently, Jetboat is Unavailable.
(Starting price per person)
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About Book Jetboat

Jetboat ride in Interlaken is an adventure that is sure to take your breath away. Get up-close and personal with the exhilarating views of the Jungfrau region from Lake Brienz as the Jetboat takes you on a ride of a lifetime. This thrilling adventure is for all ages, be it children or senior citizens and is a must while in the Bernese Oberland. The Jetboat is sure to give the adrenaline rush that you deserve on a perfect Swiss holiday. The ride encapsulates an incredible combination of mesmerising views of the mountains and the natural beauty of Lake Brienz. Along with the history and the culture of the quaint towns of Iseltwald and the stunning views of the Giessbach falls have to offer, this excursion adds a magical touch to it. Something that makes it unforgettable!

How to Get to the Pier

The Jetboat ride is from Bonigen port on the shore of Lake Brienz in Interlaken. You are given a pick up from Interlaken regions like Unterseen, Matten & Wilderswil either from your hotel, hostels or train stations (part of the price) and taken to the jet port in Bonigen. Be sure to make a prior booking.

Once you reach here, you will need to sign up along with a brief introduction that the friendly Jetboat staff will give you. In fact, entertainment truly starts here, as the amicable staff really know to make you comfortable. After a quick briefing, you slip on the safety gear provided complete with a trench coat, headgear and gloves which will keep you dry and warm during the thrilling ride. As you walk to the pier and sit on the boat, the captain gives some basic safety instructions. Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for the magic to unfold. What treats you for the next 45 minutes is a journey which is worth every penny.

The Boat Ride

The journey starts from Bonigen to the majestic and spectacular Giessbach waterfalls. The captain makes sure that the entertainment on-board is informative as well as humorous. One must remember that apart from the breathtaking views, it is this humour, warmth and friendliness of the team, which is best remembered later. One gets to know about the history and culture of the region along with the stunning views which surround this paradise and simply make this ride worthwhile.

The spins, twirls and swerves of the boat leave you screaming for more! The best shots of this rollercoaster ride on the waters are captured as the boat is equipped with a camera and time to time the riders are asked to pose while zooming through the waters.

The boat ride continues to the beautiful cascading Giessbach falls and the splendour of Grand Hotel Giessbach is explained which stands majestic on the foot of this nature’s paradise. From the Lake, the hotel is very imposing and truly stands testimony of the charm of the bygone era. The Giessbach falls plunge in 14 stages down 500 meters with the fresh waters splashing on your face as the boat takes you closer.

The boat trip continues in the crystal blue waters and leaves one marvelling at the lush native bush and majestic pine forests that line the shores. The boat takes speed and thrills you with 360-degree spins & drifts that surely leave you wanting for more as the ride continues to the town of Iseltwald, a tiny village on the shores of Brienz. It takes you through the banks of this idyllic old fishing village and gives you a brief of this small town and its geological surroundings. The moments are captured as the camera goes clicking while the boat swirls & zooms around on the lake with waters splashing. The protective gear makes sure you are kept dry and warm.

As you return to the pier at Bonigen, you simply want to rewind the last 50 minutes as the experience has left you spellbound due to the sheer thrill the Jetboat offers. The splendid views of the Jungfrau region add magic to this unforgettable and truly memorable ride!

What it includes:

  • Pick up & drop to & from the Interlaken region
  • Protective gear complete with a waterproof jacket, pants, headgear and gloves
  • 50-minute boat ride during summer & 35 minutes during winter
  • Free download of photos
  • The winter experience comes with the authentic swiss fondue which you are treated to after the boat ride
  • Photos can be downloaded free of cost and shared with your loved ones after this memorable trip

Important Information

Unlike other excursions in Switzerland, the Jetboat is not linked to the Swiss Travel Pass. Regardless of whether you have a Swiss Travel Pass or not, the price of the excursion remains the same. Pregnant women and children under 5 years of age are not allowed on the ride. The ride can accommodate 11 passengers at a time. For families of 2 adults and 2 kids, a family ticket can be availed of. Charter of 9 passengers is allowed for group bookings. Prior reservation is needed for all bookings as the ride has fixed timings starting at 10 am till 4 pm operating every 2 hours. During summers, additional rides are scheduled depending on the rush.


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